Man on Fire, a divisive title

It had been at least 3-4 years since I last watched the movie Man on Fire. I did rememberĀ it asĀ something quite good.

After another viewing I still stand by this incredible movie that seems to have been fairly divisive at least between critics and the general public as illustrated by the 50 point gap listed at Rotten Tomatoes.

Is it the perfect movie? no but it has many of the hallmarks that make great movies.

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Anthony B. a mystery to me

So this blog has just restarted and it’s starting to look like the Obituaries but the recent deaths of John Bain and now Anthony Bourdain did mark me.

Tony, as I will allow myself to call him, did have an impact on my life as a writer. No he certainly didn’t give me the desire to write, that’s not a thing I want to do. But Food, Food with a capital F. not pretentious but delicious.

Being French this finally gave me someone I could relate to when it came to the types of food I love.

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That moment when the browser war no longer matters.


Looking for a fun Video for my son on YouTube and Chrome completely fails to load the video. close, re-open, try, close etc..
Launch Firefox to check, works flawlessly. Don’t Chrome and YouTube have the same master? Yes they do.

The Browser war is over. Not because someone won it, but because no one knows what victory would look like anymore.


PS: yes market shares is a pretty good indicator so technically Chrome is winning.