Anthony B. a mystery to me

So this blog has just restarted and it’s starting to look like the Obituaries but the recent deaths of John Bain and now Anthony Bourdain did mark me.

Tony, as I will allow myself to call him, did have an impact on my life as a writer. No he certainly didn’t give me the desire to write, that’s not a thing I want to do. But Food, Food with a capital F. not pretentious but delicious.

Being French this finally gave me someone I could relate to when it came to the types of food I love.

You see, although I love the 1,2,3  Michelin star restaurants and I love Foie Gras with a gorgeous Sauterne likely in large part due to my upbringing in France I also love a good hotdog, a great hamburger or a delicious Pho.

I love food and tastes of all sorts just like Tony. I love to taste local food where ever I am just like Tony. And just like Tony I don’t do it for the shock but to discover new things to cook at home, to enjoy other’s culture through my taste buds.

His death, I am sure,  is a great loss to his family.
There will never be a new Bourdain book to read and that’s a loss to the world.