Interface design at it’s laziest

Everyday I use the Philips Hue app on my phone (iPhone.)

Everyday I wonder at one tiny details of the app’s design that is rage inducing and shows extremely poor design choices from the Dev team.

Let’s use a lovely annotated screen grab:


Please take note of the green, yellow and red rectangles.

The entire green square is the total space dedicated to a room’s lighting which is multiple bulbs. So far so good.
The 3 yellow rectangles are dedicated to changing the hue/color/intensity of the bulbs contained in that room.
The red area is the rectangle dedicated to turning that room on/off.

Let me ask you a simple question. What are you most likely to use on a daily basis?
the color, the intensity, maybe make your room like a sunset, or a jungle, or the beach. Or is it simply to just turn the room on or off?

You guessed it. 90% of the usage after the original setup is just on/off.

So why … WHY is that the smallest part of the button and the easiest to mis-click.
It should be noted that if you hit any of the yellow rectangles you will be taken to a new screen. That screen does have an even smaller on/off switch at the absolute top-right of the screen. Which if you are right handed and have a phone larger then 4″ you can’t reach without using a second hand.

The chain of stupid design goes on but I think that illustration is enough.

UI/UX/UE is one of the most important part of any software, website or application and yet even in 2018 multi-million dollar companies fail to go through the most basic of usage testing.