Man on Fire, a divisive title

It had been at least 3-4 years since I last watched the movie Man on Fire. I did remember it as something quite good.

After another viewing I still stand by this incredible movie that seems to have been fairly divisive at least between critics and the general public as illustrated by the 50 point gap listed at Rotten Tomatoes.

Is it the perfect movie? no but it has many of the hallmarks that make great movies.

Great acting (Denzel Washington is incredible as usual, Christopher Walken is Christopher Walken) but every part in this movie is well acted. Not once did I look at a character and go “they’re acting.”
The story although fairly straight forward “he’s out for revenge” and “he has a set of skills” is told at varying rhythms throughout that match the moment and the mood.
The  whole thing done in a style that I truly respect and that, to me, serves the story and it’s chaos.

People swoon over the original Bourne and the John Wick series (both very good movies without a doubt) but Man on Fire was there before, doing it’s thing and I think it deserves more respect.

is this movie for everyone? no.
Do I think you should watch it? unconditional yes (wait… one condition this is not a family movie so use your judgement)