Razer has got to go.

For anyone who plays PC games Razer is a very well known name.

They make keyboards, mice, headsets, laptop etc… all of which are gorgeous, slick and shiny.
What none of them are is quality.
What Razer is incapable of doing is providing support.
What you should do is run away from any of their products.

After purchasing 5 mice, 3 keyboards and 1 laptop from this company the stats are in, this company makes polished turds. Very shiny on the first day, but very quickly start to smell. This is a metaphor, the only bad things the Razer products don’t do is smell; however everything else (overheat, break quickly, bugs, sound like jet engines etc..) they do.
Oh let’s not forget the greatest question a support department has ever asked me (and remember what I do for a living…)
“Can you take a video of the failure and send it to us”. this was in response to a non-functioning WiFi on a $2,000 laptop… What do you want a movie of exactly? the tiny window wifi icon with a red x? a spinning wheel failing to connect to any wifi?

I’m done and I will forever denounce this company. Razer you need to go away.