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The peeler and the broken coffee maker

Throughout my career I have been part of many interviews. Although I have been the interviewee a few times I have been the interviewer far more often.

Over the years I learned from others with better skills, research questions and generally read up on the process, it’s success and failures and how to avoid the latter.

One of the great articles I read on the topic was from a CIO whose stance was “you’re going to make mistakes in hiring, accept it, correct it and move on”. To be clear accepting the mistake in this case means don’t linger too long and find someone else.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today.

Today I want to talk about two interview questions I’ve come up with over the years for mostly technical positions. If anyone recognizes these from another source, apologies for the plagiarism and great minds must think alike.

What are those two questions?

  • A broken coffee maker
  • A dysfunctional peeler.

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Why does he still have his job?

Before writing anything else let me be clear this is not a political post but simply a brief thought about leadership and responsibility.

How can a leader still be left standing and in their position after so many failings?

Ajit Pai the, very controversial, chairman of the FCC just came out and officially announced that yes Russia has meddled with the Net Neutrality comment period.

The crux of the entire story is that during the comment period there was a surprisingly high number of issues ranging from the site being unavailable, according to the FCC “under DDoS attack”, something that was quickly proven to be a lie but also extended to a suspicious comment behavior that were telltale of Bots being used to flood the comments with fake comments (a vast majority of which were for the repeal of Net Neutrality.)
At the time Mr Pai had denied any allegations on both counts but after the evidence became overwhelming he threw the FCC’s CIO, David Bray, under the bus claiming to have received incorrect information. This was not done to protect the FCC but to protect himself, we’ll get back to this a bit later.

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