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WordPress Jetpack is a huge pile of …

So in an effort to improve my posting I decided to try out WordPress’ Jetpack plugin and oh my what a piece of crap that is.

Sure it has very cool features, sure it supposedly helps you post and view stats.

On the other hand

Sure it slows the site down, sure it can (and likely will) break your admin dashboard and then take your site down with it.

let’s not forget that the mobile app is now worse then it was pre-jetpack.

Will I give it another shot… probably.

Do I recommend it to anyone… NO.

At least I have access to the backend CPanel since it’s my host, if I didn’t have that, no clue how I would have gotten back into my site.

PS: I ended up ssh’ing and moving the jetpack folder out of the plugins folder (wp-content/plugins) and bam everything was working again and going at a good speed.

That moment when the browser war no longer matters.


Looking for a fun Video for my son on YouTube and Chrome completely fails to load the video. close, re-open, try, close etc..
Launch Firefox to check, works flawlessly. Don’t Chrome and YouTube have the same master? Yes they do.

The Browser war is over. Not because someone won it, but because no one knows what victory would look like anymore.


PS: yes market shares is a pretty good indicator so technically Chrome is winning.