That moment when the browser war no longer matters.


Looking for a fun Video for my son on YouTube and Chrome completely fails to load the video. close, re-open, try, close etc..
Launch Firefox to check, works flawlessly. Don’t Chrome and YouTube have the same master? Yes they do.

The Browser war is over. Not because someone won it, but because no one knows what victory would look like anymore.


PS: yes market shares is a pretty good indicator so technically Chrome is winning.

RIP TotalBiscuit, John, worthy human being


Yesterday, John “TotalBiscuit” lost his fight with cancer.

Although well known in the gaming community some may not know who he was.

A great advocate for ethical practices, respect of consumers as well as makers of games. By all accounts an honest and worthy human who tried to make our world a better place with unending passion.

He will be missed.

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